Documentation Organization and Consultancy S.r.l.

DOC is a consulting company with international experience in cGMP compliance and validation for the pharma industry. It plays the role of ‘System Integrator’ acting as ‘Communication Platform & Facilitator’ between the cGMP Compliance Requirements and final users. Its services are widely used by pharma manufacturers, engineering and contracting companies worldwide.

DOC is considered as an active contributor and reliable partner to main regulatory bodies worldwide, by providing: unbiased point of view on market development (with the angle of pharma companies as well as of manufacturers); consultancies on existing/ potential new regulatory rules.

The DOC’s global mission is a provision of a functional system totally validated. Activities and the wide range of services offered by DOC have their roots in the strong expertise and skills of the staff. Professional and qualified support is provided every day to the clients following these simple principles that represents company’s values: people first; flexibility; internationalism; know how in motion. These elements make DOC a recognised and qualified provider of validation services for pharma market on a global scale.

Also DOC arrived to its 20-year-anniversary by achieving a lot. In 2011 DOC received ISO 9001:2008 certification for cGMP compliance and validation consultancy services. In 2015, DOC established a new division: Process and Product Validation Business Unit, providing so far a full range of validation services from consulting and training, to the validation of an entire pharma facility.

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