Masco Group

Alberto Borella, CEO, MASCO Group, gives an insight on wide range of services related to the validation, of both equipment and process, in the pharma and cosmetic factories.

Masco Group is a group of companies with a long experience in generation, storage and distribution of Clean Media (purified water, water for injection, clean steam), as well as in supplying complete ‘turn-key’ solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech plants, including product preparation areas. Moreover, the group offers a wide range of services related to the validation, of both equipment and process, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories.

The Masco Group has its headquarters in Italy, but several different subsidiaries around the world: in US, China, Russia and France. The group positions itself as the leader in providing engineering and industrial solutions to its clients in the pharma and cosmetic industry. Masco’s reputation for reliability and excellence has allowed to establish strong relationships (+10.000 installed units) with leading pharma and cosmetic companies. The group revenues despite market conditions, grew by 10 % CAGR in last 10 years. Growth was mainly internal (thanks to development of new markets and new offices opening) and strongly driven by Stilmas (i.e., contribution of ~ 80 % to total revenues).

Masco Group strength relies strongly on four pillars: research for continuous improvement and best talents in the market; willingness to maintain value, performance and leadership; research for edging technologies and engineering solutions; determination to meet high moral and ethical standards in performing work. The company has continuous ambition towards higher standards and quality, constantly monitored and certified by third party bodies.