Filters for the process industry

Masterfilter brings solutions for all kind of critical filtration applications. They are focused on high end solutions in PES and PTFE membrane filters, absolute and nominal depth filters of very high quality.

Masterfilter provides professional technical and scientific assistance to filtration, separation and purification solutions.

With the help of our partner DOC, we undertake to perform the filter validation in a short time.

Product and Process Filter Validation

o Compatibility

o Extractables and Leachables Studies

o Adsorption Studies

o Viability Studies (using reference standard and bioburden isolate microorganisms)

o Bacterial Retention Studies (using reference standard and bioburden isolate microorganisms)

o Product Wet Integrity Test Data Generation (Bubble Point)

Sterilizing Filter Validation timelines are extremely quick and reliable thanks to our dedicated DOC Project Managers and the high performance and capabilities of the laboratory partner.

For a classic validation of a product solution filtered for maximum 24 hours at room temperature (example conditions) the lead time are the following:

STANDARD lead time: 6-8 weeks

FAST lead time: 4-6 weeks

EXPRESS lead time: 4 weeks

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