The Pharmaceutical Industry Solution Factory


Melapack has been providing support to the pharmaceutical, biotech and cosmetics companies to dinamically increase their productivity and reduce their production costs. We offer complex industrial solutions that include equipment, environment and complete quality assurance package to ensure production. Since its foundation, Melapack has worked with companies at the forefront of their relative fields. Our product range covers a wide variety of applications; from the utilities for the production process, through the production vessels, filters and machinery, up to the different stages of packaging and full validation services related to them. Melapack is also the answer to your design and build cleanroom project needs. We provide complete project management including design, construction, support, and installation.

We aim to provide our customers with a professional and reliable service, based on the strong partnerships we have established with our principals, which consist of leading manufacturers of process and packaging equipment. Since the very beginning, our technical approach has been oriented towards creating a strong and loyal relationship with our customers, by dealing with them with competence, turning their problems to solutions and their strict requirements to reality. Melapack, works closely with the clients to identify their needs, interpret them and discuss them together. Then cooperate with our principals to develop the right solutions for the client. Our mission is to make the customer feel that the company is on their side, it is their true and ideal partner. Be their real point of reference for their needs.

Melapack is your preferred partner for: