Providing clean air for more than 50 years with passion, expertise and reliability. Sagicofim is a recognized leader in the development and manufacture of air filters, air distribution components and integrated air filtration systems for use in critical environments. Our customers include pharmaceutical companies, healthcare facilities, research centres, industrial corporations, universities and OEMs.
Back in the 1960s, the company began developing high efficiency filters and, in few years, a complete range of products was available, from low up to high efficiencies, HEPA and ULPA. Since the very beginning, our technical approach has been oriented towards creating a strong and loyal relationship with their customers, by dealing with them with competence, turning their problems to solutions and their strict requirements to reality. Additionally, this way of working closely with their clients gave them a clear and deep understanding of all the risks linked to a faulty design of HVAC plants for critical applications. A proper air filtration, but also the right way of making the airflow to and from high demanding environments is extremely important. For this reason, in the 1980s, the company entered the market of air diffusion and air distribution, setting up two new manufacturing facilities for the production of a wide range of air diffusers, grilles, dampers, VAV/CAV devices, sound attenuators and all the ancillary equipment to fulfil our customers’ needs. Nowadays, with four manufacturing facilities, internal testing laboratories, one forward thinking R&D centre and the uncountable experience gained in more than half a century, Sagicofi is recognized as a “100% made in Italy” solution provider for critical HVAC plants and a reliable partner for manufacturers of containment systems.


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